Optima Physical Therapy specializes in providing advanced manual techniques to ensure expert care whether you’re in fitness, wellness, or preventative care. We are dedicated to aid you in achieving your goals through individualized treatment plans whether you have had surgery or simply trying to avoid surgical intervention. We specialize in complex and multifactorial pain conditions, including cases with previous poor outcomes.

Our Patients


Pain can be a complex interaction of multiple tissues, and organ systems or can be referred from distant body segments. These complex interactions can be difficult to identify thereby lending treatment ineffective. A thorough understanding of pain sciences and a comprehensive evaluation are the baseline in the treatment of these conditions.

Non-surgical/Surgical Avoidance

Physical Therapy can provide a proactive approach to health, aiming to circumvent or delay the need for surgical intervention. Patients often seek physical therapy as a strategic means to address and alleviate musculoskeletal issues. By focusing on targeted exercises and providing comprehensive manual therapy treatment physical therapy can offer a non-invasive path towards recovery and functional improvement.


Optima Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive approach to wellness treatment for patients. Our services extend beyond traditional rehabilitation, incorporating a comprehensive perspective that addresses not only the recovery of specific issues but also the overall well-being of individuals. Whether you seek relief from pain, enhanced mobility, or preventative care, Optima Physical Therapy is dedicated to fostering your optimal health.

Previous poor outcome

We often see patients who have had a disappointing experience or poor outcome with prior therapy. Due to continued pain or lack of response to prior treatment, patients are often referred by their physician or through word of mouth to seek our expertise. By combining advanced manual therapy techniques and our years of experience in your treatment, we are committed to provide individualized therapy to address the underlying issues of your pain and dysfunction.

Performance Enhancement

Physical Therapy at Optima is not just about recovery; it’s a dynamic pathway to performance enhancement. Our specialized programs leverage targeted exercises and advanced techniques to optimize physical capabilities, helping individuals elevate their performance levels and achieve their fitness and athletic goals.

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