Rod Kanter

Todd Hooks is an absolutely amazing physical therapist, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone I am and over 50 and regularly do cross-fit. A few years ago I tore my right rotator cuff and I was recommended to see Todd prior to undergoing surgery. Todd worked on me for several weeks – including rehab exercises, stretches, and dry needling. His work was so good that my doctor determined I might not need to have surgery. After three months working with Todd I was back working out, and I’ve since regained full strength and mobility in that shoulder. A few years later I experienced a major injury to my left shoulder and Todd, once again, rehabilitated me within a matter of a few months. Again – no surgery needed due to his treatment and my left shoulder feels better than ever. Todd’s knowledge, experience, and dedication is truly second to none. I would recommend anyone needing physical therapy work – either in response to an injury or to just preserve mobility and stay out of the doctor’s office – to see Todd. His work is beyond exceptional.

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